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Real estate acquisitions in Romania by foreign nationals or companies

In adition to documents required for real estate acquisitions, foreign nationals and companies should know if they can purchase those real estate assets without restrictions, or for which assets specil conditions do apply.
Starting with January 1st 2012, EU and European Economic Space member countries ‘ citizens may buy intra muros land in Romania, for the purpose of establishing a secondary residence. The land use category must be : courtyards-constructions. The plot of land may have buildings erected on it or not.
Beginning with January 1st 2014 foreign nationals and companies from EU and EES member countries will also be allowed to purchase agricultural land and forests with no aditional pre-conditions. (Text of the law)
At the present moment, such lands may only be bought by EU and EES citizens who have a farmer certificate issued by the authorities of their home state.
Buildings can be acquired unconditionally, without ownership rights on the land they are built on.
As far as nationals of third countries, buying land in Romania is only allowed on reciprocity with their state of origin.