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Registering abroad a will made in Romania. Searching for a will made abroad

If the person making the will is a foreign national, or has habitual residence in Romania, or has assets outside Romania, there are ways to make sure that his/her inheritors will discover and apply his/her last will. In order to faciliate the discovery of living wills was created ARERT
ARERT has applicability for several EU states, among which Romania and it is supposed to be expanded.
Through this living will network, a will made in front of a notary in Romania will be recorded not only in Romania’s specialized register with the National Union of Notaries, but also in the specialized register of the author’s citizenship state.
By using this network, one can identify a will made abroad for a deceased whose succession is being debated in Romania. The search is made only upon a inheritors‘ request and only once the death of the person is proved by a death certificate.
Protection of the will content is assured in all cases, as RERT does not store information concerning the dispositions left by the deceased.